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Not your grandmas' dip and drip towel!

Not your grandmas' dip and drip towel!

CoolTowel®: Different than your grandmas' Dip & Drip towel!

Remember the times when the heat was unbeatable? Oh wait, you still think heat is unbeatable because it really is. In order to live a healthy life, we need to push our bodies beyond their comfort zone. For this we might engage in exercise or play some sport. But that’s not even the problem as outdoor activities have always been fun. The problem however occurs when our body temperatures soar and we can do absolutely nothing about it except maybe take a bath.

Well, the tough times are gone as CoolTowel® is in town and is ready to cool you down within seconds and that too in a hygienic manner. We bet you’re already curious about CoolTowel® but you also might be thinking how is it any different than your grandmas’ Dip & Drip Towel?

Here are the three reasons why Cool Towel is better than anything out there:

  1. Suitable Size and Instant Use:

CoolTowel® comes in three basic sizes (small, medium & large) all designed to cater your personal requirements. Let’s say that you’ve just had an intense workout session and you’re absolutely exhausted. A large sized cool towel is ready to freshen you up to your very core and that too in an instant. Also, on some other occasion you’re at a concert and you feel suffocated and drained then make sure to keep a medium sized cool towel to freshen up your nerves. Lastly, the small sized cool towel is always handy and should be with you at all times!

The range of size CoolTowel® offers is simply unmatchable!

  1. All-Natural Cooling Solution:

Plenty of cooling towels out there claim to be the real deal but the fact is that none of them offer a natural cooling solution. CoolTowel® promises to deliver in all areas that are important for a person’s hygiene as it offers 100% pure cotton towels that are moistened with an all-natural cooling solution. The package itself is designed in such a way that the towels can be used repeatedly. The pouch is a resealable one and hence actively helps in maintaining hygiene.

  1. No Refrigeration Needed:

Why do we even call a towel ‘cool’ that needs help of a refrigerator to cool itself? This is where CoolTowel® is different from its competitors as it doesn’t need a refrigerator to maintain its coolness effect. You don’t even need water to bring the coolness back to the towel as its all-natural cooling solution is intrinsic in the towel.

CoolTowel®’s slogan, ‘To Cool the World, One Person at a time’ is itself a testimony of what we as company aim to bring on the table. We know for a fact that CoolTowel® is the ultimate towel you need to cool yourself without getting into a hassle. Unlike our competitors, using a CoolTowel® is simple as all you need to do is to take it out of the resealable pouch, shake and cool yourself as you completely deserve it!

Take a look at our short video to learn more about how CoolTowel® is different. https://youtu.be/JaHvMyW9p10