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Your New Best Friend for Running in the Heat

It’s Summertime….and the runnin’ is….HOT!!!

Heat stroke, heat exhaustion…do you know the difference?? Because we hear about it happening all the time during the summer months. It’s on the TV news all the time. When the worst happens, an ambulance (EMS) is called, when someone is the victim of heat exhaustion, or worse yet, heat stroke. Often city cops or a county sheriff is on scene before the EMS arrives. All runners should have a CoolTowel® when running in high heat!

Anyone who works or plays outdoors in the summer months can get a heat related injury. You can learn more by clicking here, but we’ve provided a short version at the bottom of this page.


What is a CoolTowel®?

It is the #1 INSTANT cooling towel, for use while you exercise. 

Use CoolTowel® to refresh after any outdoor activities, running, team sports or yard work that requires you to be in the summer heat. It’s easy to refresh and cool your body temperature.

CoolTowels® are quick refreshment – anytime, anywhere! NOW AVAILABLE for personal use. CoolTowel® comes in 3 convenient sizes and are ‘ready-to-use’. NO WATER, refrigeration or advanced preparations needed. Each CoolTowel® is individually packaged in a hygienically resealable pouch, so it’s designed for easy repeated use throughout your HOT day. Each towel is made from 100% natural cotton, NOT a synthetic towel or wipe. Each CoolTowel® is pre-moistened with an all-natural cooling solution, so you experience instant cooling to your body CoolTowel® helps you cool down, right out of the package, and is an effective way to prevent and/or treat some heat related injuries. 

So how can you be proactive? Always have a CoolTowel® handy. Keep them in your sports/outdoor/beach gear. Keep one in your pocket while you run, walk or play outside. Always have one near. They are easy and convenient to carry, ready for any emergency.

Keep cool and cool down with CoolTowel®



Heat stroke, the most serious form of heat-related illness, happens when the body becomes unable to regulate its core temperature. Sweating stops and the body can no longer rid itself of excess heat. Signs include confusion, loss of consciousness, and seizures. Heat stroke is a medical emergency that may result in death! Call 911 immediately. 

Heat exhaustion is the body's response to loss of water and salt from heavy sweating. Signs include headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, irritability, thirst, and heavy sweating.

Heat cramps are caused by the loss of body salts and fluid during sweating. Low salt levels in muscles cause painful cramps. Tired muscles—those used for performing exercise—are usually the ones most affected by cramps. Cramps may occur during or after exercise.

Heat rash, also known as prickly heat, is skin irritation caused by sweat that does not evaporate from the skin. 

The chart below shows symptoms and first aid measures to take if a runner shows signs of a heat-related illness.