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Hennessey Distributing LLC, CoolTowel® and EcoCleanse Decontamination Towels

Our Story

Hennessy Distributing, LLC was born out of a desire to be part of a movement that makes people “feel good”. Terri Hennessy, owner of Hennessy Distributing, spent 35+ years in the printing industry. When the opportunity to be the US distributor for Cool Towels arose, she said, “Cool” and  jumped in with both feet.

Hennessy Distributing, LLC is a female-owned, veteran-owned Florida corporation.  CoolTowel is a certified WOSB (Women Owned Small Business) and a DBE with the US Federal government.  

Cool Towels corporate mantra is “feel good” and this goes hand in hand with Hennessys’ company values. When you make someone feel good, only good things can happen! We look forward to making our customers feel good!  CLICK HERE to read about How Cool Towels Work.

Our HQ is in suburban Tampa Florida. The address is 7810 Gall Blvd #141 Zephyrhills, FL 33541. 

Call us at 800-918-8323

Mission Statement

To cool the world, one person at a time.

Vision Statement

To be the #1 all natural cooling towel for our first responders, our military and disaster response teams across the globe.

Our Core Values

Honesty: Always be truthful. Deception causes division.

Integrity: Do the right thing no matter who is or isn’t watching.

Caring: Put your employees first. Showing you care & value them, they will do the same for the customer.

Community: Always look for an opportunity to help and give back. Charity starts at home.