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Hi, I am Terri Hennessy, CEO of Hennessy Distributing. We are the distribution arm of CoolTowel® and EcoCleanse® Decontamination Towel at www.cooltowel.com.

Let me bring your attention to a very real danger to our beloved fire fighters.

61% of Line of Duty Deaths
from 2002 – 2016 were caused by cancer

(according to the IAFF International Association of Fire Fighters)

Firefighters Have:
102% greater chance of contracting testicular cancer than any other type of worker;
53% greater chance of multiple myeloma;
51% greater chance of non-Hodgkin lymphoma;
39% greater chance of skin cancer;
32% greater chance of brain cancer;
28% greater chance of prostate cancer;
22% greater chance of stomach cancer; and a
21% greater chance of colon cancer.

-University Of Cincinnati Study 2006

We can help the fire fighters clean themselves better. 

Let me introduce the EcoCleanse® Decontamination Towel from Hennessy Distributing. This “cleaning” towel was formulated specifically for the fire industry.  In August of 2016, the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation came to us after seeing our CoolTowel®. They thought our CoolTowel® was wonderful because it was all natural and would be great for “after action” Rehab for the fire fighters. They even endorsed us. Check out the Press Release here. They asked if we could formulate and create an all natural decontamination towel. The EcoCleanse® Decontamination Towel is the result. 

What the fire industry is using (by default) are baby wipes in essence (if they can even afford those). Plastic wipes are not all natural cotton towels, and the real result is fire crews are trying to take off chemicals with more chemicals. The fire fighters need to clean their face, head, ears, nose, throat, neck and hands after coming out of a fire. A baby wipe is not a solution in this situation.

The EcoCleanse® Decontamination Towel is a 100% cotton towel infused with all natural ingredients, that will clean the soot and carcinogens off of human skin. When I do presentations to City/County managers and Fire Chiefs, I ask “What do you take into the shower? A baby wipe or cotton cloth? The answer is a durable cloth of course. The real problem, is municipal budgets, priorities and union/government safety regulations haven’t caught up to the new technology of the EcoCleanse® Decontamination Towel.

I was appalled to hear the statistics of the cancer rate in the fire industry. This cause is so close to my heart. I have always loved our first responders.  I was a military policeman in the Air Force over 30 years ago, and I am currently on the Advisory Boards for two Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Response Units. But, just this past summer, I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. So, I understand all too well when these great men and women of the fire departments get a “C” diagnosis. I have done all I can do, now I am asking for your help.

How You Can Help

Most fire stations do not have the funds to even purchase baby wipes (which are not a solution for this problem). This is where you, our civic organizations come in.  We are asking you to adopt your local station. Purchase the Ecocleanse® Decontamination Towel for your local fire fighters. Help them protect themselves from cancer, as they protect you and your property from the fires! 
You can also purchase the CoolTowel® for their Rehab procedures to cool them down when they come out of the fire. We have special case pricing for both of these needed products for these worthy people. 
If your organization would like to help, please contact me directly at terri@cooltowel.com.  I look forward to hearing from you as we help reduce the cancer rates in the fire industry.

"On 03/26/2018 we were dispatched to a structure fire with a neighboring mutual aid department. The fire was located in the attic of the house. We were assigned to fire attack. Our firefighters had to enter the smoke and fire filled attic to fully extinguish the fire. When the fire had been extinguished we went to decon and rehab when that neighboring department, Whitakers Fire Department offered us the decon towels that you all make.

We were very surprised at the amount of soot that was on us under our nomex hoods. Most of which wasn't noticeable to the naked eye.

These towels cleaned our face, necks, and arms very well. I fully recommend any fire department to purchase and keep these on their firetrucks.

We used baby wipes to decon, but they do not have the texture of these towels and did not decon us as well."

Kevin S. Marks Jr.
Safety and Training Officer
Battleboro Community Volunteer Fire Department