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When people discover the Cool Towel® for the first time, the most common thing we hear is, “How do they work?” or even “This is incredible, is this magic?”

The answer is, it’s not magic…it’s just a little bit of science! It’s the 9th grade science experiment your teacher showed you, come to life, in a practical application.

The essential process that makes Cool Towel® so cold is a process called evaporation cooling. Evaporation cooling is the reduction of temperature resulting in the evaporation of a liquid, which removes latent heat from the surface from which the evaporation takes place. In other words, the surface of our towels becomes seriously chilly because the evaporation of our patented blend of all-natural ingredients. A Cool Towel® lifts the heat from the surface of our towel, resulting in towel temperatures as low as 57° F. In daily life, you experience something similar when you step out of the warm shower. Even if the bathroom isn’t “cold”, as the liquid water evaporates from the surface of your skin, heat is removed with the water and we experience an intense feeling of “coldness”, even in a warm bathroom.

Cool Towels® are pure, 100% cotton towels, each one pre-moistened with a patented all-natural cooling solution. Each towel is hygienically sealed in a re-sealable package and designed for repeated use.

Cool Towels® provide instant cooling to the body, without refrigeration or water - right out of the package!

Cool Towels® are cooling, refreshing, energizing, re-usable.

Cool Towels® were originally developed for 1st responders, disaster crews and industry/ hazmat situations where “cooling” was helpful in fire/rescue situations, far in the field, where A/C, refrigeration and often “clean” water were not readily available.

Cool Towels® are NOW available to the public. Use them on hot days at kids' summer camps, outdoor sporting events, all-day festivals, concerts or anytime you're in direct, hot sunshine.

We also discovered, from personal experience, how Cool Towel® relieves menopausal hot flash symptoms too.

Many people use CoolTowel® on the job, in situations where you are outside for extended periods of time or in hot industrial workplaces. That’s how firefighters, 1st responders, utility crews and agricultural workers use their Cool Towels®.

Cool Towel® is a 100% natural cooling solution. The towel itself is pure 100% cotton (NOT a plastic wipe) and the self-cooling “evaporation” fluid contains only purified water and natural ingredients. The natural ingredients are good stuff too, like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera) and derivatives of coconut milk and molasses. We add a proprietary blend of natural Essential Oils too, so there is a light fragrance for your Cool Towel®.

Each towel is individually packaged, hygienically sealed and contain antiseptic properties to help with minor injuries. There are NO HARSH CHEMICALS. Use a Cool Towel® on the most sensitive skin. It’s naturally refreshing, without prior refrigeration or water. Cool Towels® cool you down straight from the package!!

Ultimately, these effective and innovative all-natural ingredients separate Cool Towel® from a disposable plastic “wipe” that some competitors sell. Because these towels are real 100% cotton towels, they are bio-degradable too, leaving no long-term environmental impact, if left behind. In fact, we recommend rescue agencies collect Cool Towels® as they leave the “scene”, wash them and re-use them as hand towels for equipment around the station house.