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How Hot is it in the theme parks? Here are the 5 things YOU NEED TO KNOW! 

First and foremost, it is HOT in the theme parks.   In Florida, it can be sweltering HOT any day between April Fool’s Day and Halloween (yes, really). One of the hottest days in Orlando was Thanksgiving Weekend of 2012!!!!  Temperature inversion can cause stifling HOT air to stagnate over Anaheim, any summer day too.  Atlanta is called Hot-Lanta for a reason.  The parks in Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, the “hills of Tennessee” and anywhere else, are HOT in the summer.

Don’t let days with HOT temperatures at the theme parks ruin your fun. There are “tips and tricks” the locals use to make any day, a happy day at the “Happiest Place on Earth”.


1.  Be prepared. Hot days in the parks is not the only possible uncomfortable situation.  Sun and rain happen too, but you can protect your family and enjoy any day, if you are prepared.  It’s cheaper to prepare, BEFORE you leave the house.   If you are PLANNING your trip, with all the apps, blogs and internet advice, you can easily plan for HOT days, sunny days and rainy days too.

2.  It gets HOT in any of the theme parks. The crowds don’t make it any better.  Young children, older folks (anyone really) are susceptible to “heat injury”.   That’s what the EMS/rescue squads call heat stroke and sun stroke (or technically hyperthermia).  If you get “over-heated”, your body can’t sweat fast enough to cool your core temperature.  You need help.  CoolTowel® is a (new to consumer market for summer of 2018) instant cooling towel.  It is a 100% cotton towel, infused with all natural ingredients that “wicks away” heat from your body surface.  The BEST PART?    It needs No water, No Refrigeration and NO prep to be effective.    Each individual CoolTowel® comes in a resealable package.   When the kids get “hot & cranky”, open the pouch, unfold the CoolTowel® wipe your face, chest, neck and arms, refold it and return it to the package for use again later. Yes, it’s that simple!  CoolTowel® is NOT a “baby-wipe” type product, and definitely NOT like the “cooling towels” you’ve seen advertised on TV and sold in sporting goods stores.   Those “sports towels” require ICE COLD water, and some preparation.  Are you going to carry a bucket of ice water around the theme park all day?  Those highly advertised towels are also less and less effective, the higher the humidity gets. The only thing you will get for FREE, with your summer vacation is high humidity.  Be Cool, with CoolTowel® Read HOW a CoolTowel® works by clicking this link. 

3.  The other thing you need to do, to prevent heat injury” is hydrate. Drink LOTS of water, more than you expect to need. Before you leave home, visit the big box store and buy the cheapest plastic water bottles you can find, or shop online. Get two for each family member, so if you drop one, leave it behind on a ride or in a restaurant, there’s another one back at the hotel, for the next day.  Water fountains are common in the parks.   Many of the casual service restaurants (where your meal plan will take you), offer ice water in “courtesy cups”, FREE for the asking.  Be sure to ASK!!!    Refill your cheap pre-purchased water bottles.  Yes, water bottles are available in the parks, but do you want to buy 3-4-6 of them a “park prices”?  No!!  Security WILL allow you to enter the parks with EMPTY water bottles from home.   

4.  Check the weather forecast. You can do this from many apps on your phone.   You will carry your phone, because you ARE going to use the park app, to plan your day once your inside, right?   (Hint, Hint:  You REALLY want to use the park specific app. Trust us. The zip code for Anaheim is 92802.  The zip code for Orlando, actually Kissimmee, Florida- is 32830).  Intermittent rain causes “the locals” to stay home.  This shortens the lines and lets you do “more” in less time.   Many of the “rides”, shows and restaurants, at the major name parks, are indoors, so the only time rain causes issues is walking the park. Every theme park will “close” the rides if lightning is a possibility, even if it’s not raining, “hard”]  Remember that trip to the big box store to buy cheap water bottles?  While you are there, buy CHEAP, lightweight rain ponchos.   The lightest, cheapest, disposable ponchos are what you want.  They are about $1, if you shop around, or buy online in boxes of 10-12.   Get 2 per person, and take them along. They are light, small and chances are, you’ll not need them.  If it rains, you’ll save a LOT of money. (Often times, the parks sell out, the instant the rain starts.)  In Florida, the locals joke that it rains every day, at 3:15 pm, for 20 minutes.  Expect rain, plan for it, and you’ll guarantee that NO ONE see any rain. (ironic chuckle inserted here)  In Ohio, New Jersey and elsewhere, “rain” is an all day event, so you’ll know when you wake up, what to expect.  

5.  The opposite of RAIN, is SUN, and that’s a problem too. Sunburn can ruin the fun faster than rain, especially if you get sunburnt,  the first day in the park.  When you are preparing, buy CoolTowel® only available online, since they are NEW to retail/ consumer use for the summer of 2018, then add to the list of  cheap, water bottles, disposable rain ponchos, also buy LOTS of cheap sunscreen online too.  Buy SPF 947!!  (we are kidding) but modern high SPF sunscreen is “invisible” after application, not the “old-style” chalky white stuff, you might remember from the “surfer movies” of the 60s and 70s.  Your teenage daughter(s) won’t think it’s “fashion forward”. Your son(s) won’t think it “cool”, but no one goes to a theme park to be stylish. You go to relax and have silly, family fun.  Buy and USE high SPF sunscreen, even on cloudy days. UV rays cause sunburn, not “sunshine".       


Enjoy your Vacation.  Will it be HOT in the any of the theme parks?  Yes, probably, but with planning and preparation you will have a great and memorable time!

Bonus Tip:  Buy a portable “cellphone charger(s)”.  There are very few “charging stations” for your cellphone in the parks.  Not many cellphones will survive the entire day on a single charge.  You’ll be texting to keep the group on schedule, using the in-park app (you REALLY want to use the in-park app, if one is available in the theme park you visit. ), plus taking photos and posting to social media (using the FREE wi-fi, available in most major theme parks).  It’s very easy for your phone to be the other “Sleeping Beauty”.   These phone-back-up/rechargers are available from many manufacturers and all-over the place in price and “power-size”   Cellphone batteries are measured in  mAH.   Most phones come with 1500 to 2500 mAH installed batteries.   A quick search found a 20,000 mAH recharger (which is HUGE) for $10-15, at all the usual online places. Most are the size of a cigar or a 2nd cellphone, so they are easy to pack and carry, along with your sunscreen, disposable poncho, water bottles and don’t forget your CoolTowel®  (use your Coupon code from the blog to save even more.)



Why is CoolTowel® so perfect for the mega-theme parks? (and most any outdoor summer activities, like 5K-“fun-runs” golfing and camping/hiking)

CoolTowel® is BRAND-NEW “technology”, (newly available “at retail” for the summer of 2018).  They offer instant relief, right out of the package. Carry them in your fanny-pack, running pouch, gym bag, purse, golf bag or ‘gear-tote’. Professional firefighters and EMS crews carry them on the 1st  responder rigs, for quick reaction to heat-related injuries. There is NO water and NO preparation of any kind needed. ***If you DO have water, you need to be drinking it to stay hydrated***



CoolTowel® is an all natural 100% cotton towel, not blue synthetic fiber, or a plastic ‘baby-wipe’ material. The active ingredients are all natural too, with a ‘just-barely there’ scent of lemongrass.  Each one is individually packaged, so CoolTowel® is ready to use right from the package, ready to use on a moment’s notice.  

 All of the highly advertised blue synthetic ‘sports  towels’ require ice water to ‘activate’ the towel, before it is ‘cool and effective’. After soaking for 12-14 minutes, the blue synthetic cooling towels are cold, but to actually use them you must twist them dry, and re-dip them in a bucket of ice water for repeated use. WHO walks around the golf course, runs a 5K ‘fun-run’ or visits the mega theme parks as a family, carrying a bucket of ice water?  CoolTowel®  is NOT your grandmas’ dip and drip towel!   We have a 3 minute video, with CEO Terri Hennessy discussing the differences, because it’s so easy to not understand the difference between what you’ve seen/purchased/ tried before and the new CoolTowel®.  



CoolTowel® truly is the #1 instant cooling towel. They come in 3 sizes: handy size (12 x 12), medium size (12 x 20) and large size(12 x 24). Each individual CoolTowel® comes in its’ own resealable pouch. Remember, when you purchase a 6, 12, 24 pack they remain ready in “storage”, long after your day(s) in the theme parks, CoolTowel® is always ready when you need them. Throw 2-3 in your gym bag, golf bag or family tote.  


Hennessy Distrubuting, LLC is the national manufacturer’s distributor for CoolTowel®.   We know ALL about HOT DAYS in theme parks.  We live and work in Tampa Bay Florida.  As Disney AP holders, we are part of the “crowd” (on the days in doesn’t rain!) LOL   We regularly go to Busch Gardens, Lego Land, SeaWorld, DinoLand, all the zoos and smaller parks across Florida.  We are lucky to live here, and take advantage of the fact that we are less than 2 hours away from most any of the “major” theme parks.



You can contact us with any questions by email: Andy@cooltowel.com or you can call us at 800-918-8323.
We look forward to keeping you COOL in any theme park!!  Hope to see you there!