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The Salvation Army works with state and federal governments, VOAD and some private sector partners like cooltowel.com to provide prompt, caring assistance during times of fire, flood, hurricane, tornados, earthquakes and other ‘first-aid’ situations and natural disasters.

The Cool Towel® and EcoCleanse® Decontamination Towels from Hennessy Distributing, provide cooling and sanitation to first responders, firefighters, assistive staff and volunteers as well as victims of these event situations. These products offer comfort and decontamination from exposure to environmental hazards. They are All-Natural/Biodegradable, so you have one less environmental impact to worry about. 

Cool Towel® is a pre-moistened, 100% cotton, re-usable towel infused with an all natural cooling solution. Each Cool Towel® is an individual-use towel, hygienically packaged in a re-sealable pouch and designed for repeated use. Cool Towels provide instant cooling to the body, without refrigeration – or the need for water, right out of the package!!

EcoCleanse® Decontamination towels are the only natural decontamination towel on the market. It is not a ‘wipe’, but a real cotton towel you can use to clean and refresh in after-action clean-up after exposure to the elements or the aftermath of disasters. EcoCleanse® towels are individually packaged and have an extended shelf-life, so they are ready when you need them. Because each towel is natural cotton, they are biodegradable and do not add to the environmental impact of your event if lost or tossed away on-scene.

Hennessy Distributing is proud to be a preferred vendor of The Salvation Army, utilizing a national drop ship program. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Cool Towel® and EcoCleanse® Towel are recycled back to The Salvation Army and other first responder organizations. "The Salvation Army has always been dear to my heart," says CEO Terri Hennessy of Hennessy Distributing. She is also on two advisory councils and an active volunteer in Florida.