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Austin E.
Just wanted to pass along my praise for this towel. Cassie Gannis handed me a medium for a range day to test it out. I have never had a more comfortable 95 degree day.
Restored Hope
The Case of Cool Towels for our Golf Tournament on March 20th were a BIG hit!
Steve G.
Well just tried the Medium towel after being outside for 45 minutes staining wood for our garden. Amaz-frickin-ing!! What a product!! I'm sitting for a few minutes & it's around my neck. Feels great!
Bruce Sharp
I discovered Cool Towels a few years back and they are an absolute must have while working in the heat doing construction! Refreshing and great smelling, they're perfect to cool off with during the day!
NDW Fire Station
Indian Head, MD
A great product at a great price!
County Fire Chief
Charles County, MD
These are great for Rehab for our Fire/EMS providers. I highly recommend that everyone purchase some & carry on your apparatus.
Nanjemoy Vol. Fire Dept.
Nanjemoy, MD
We used these towels to help our firefighters suffering from heat exhaustion after a large woods fire. All the firemen loved them and everyone used them on scene. Worth every penny!
Ironsides Rescue Squad
Port Tobacco, MD
I had purchased these a few years back and recently had to use at a house fire,on a very hot day. Needless to say, they were a big hit! 
Holly A.
Arvada, CO
I think the product is the best. I love it for travel and hiking!
McEnany Roofing, Inc
Tampa, Florida
What a great product. Obviously our men are on hot, hot roofs all day long. This is one of the only cool towels I have found that actually does what it says it is going to do. We have tried many over the years. I seriously recommend you try it out NOW. I like that it is reusable. Which makes it even more bang for the buck. Our guys love them. 
Robert B
St. Petersburg, Florida
I coach girls softball and in Florida hot summers days its a great way to prevent the girls from passing out or having heat stroke. Trust me they work " I don't know how they work but they do"
Lorraine H
Great to take with you on weekend rides… really refreshing and cool. - Lorraine H. -
Janet H
This is a great first-aid item, I keep in the car and boat… never know when a soft, pre-moistened, hygienically sealed towel will be needed… and I’ll be glad I have it.- Janet H. -
Jonathan R
Ready to use and it stays cool — that’s unbelievable. It does what it says it does, which is not like all products. - Jonathan R. -
Bree G
Great for walking around the beach or when I’m lying in the sun. - Bree G. -
Sandy B
This is the greatest product. They saved us from the annoying heat at the baseball game this last weekend. They were a lifesaver! Thanks. - Sandy B. -
David B
Cool Towels are a wonderful product that I highly recommend to anyone needing to cool down. - David B. -