CoolTowel® is Cooling, Refreshing, Energizing and Reusable!

We Are So Glad You're Interested in CoolTowel®

Cool Towel® is an INSTANT cooling towel, for use at work, during sports and outdoor activities or simply to refresh and cool down your body temperature. Cool Towels® are quick refreshment, used by Rescue and First Responders. But NOW AVAILABLE for personal use.  Cool Towel® comes in 3 convenient sizes and are ‘ready-to-use’ in hygienically sealed, individual pouches.  The re-sealable package is designed for easy repeated use throughout your HOT day.  Each towel is made from 100% natural cotton, NOT a synthetic towel or wipe.  Each towel is pre-moistened with an all-natural cooling solution, so you experience instant cooling to your body without the need of refrigeration or water!! CoolTowel® helps you cool down, right out of the package!  Cool Towel® is also an amazing solution to menopausal hot flashes.  CLICK HERE to learn more. 

Large CoolTowel®

More than two square feet of soft, 100% cotton — the right size to cool your golf game, tennis match, or workout... no refrigerator necessary! 

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Medium CoolTowel®

From outdoor concerts, fairs and festivals to camping trips and athletic activities Cool Towel is the relief for your active lifestyle whether young or old. Get instant refreshment straight out of the individual packaging, no water, refrigeration or advance preparation is needed.

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Handy Size CoolTowel®

Perfect for on the go families, those who work outside or in hot industrial environments and any woman suffering from menopause hot flash symptoms. This is our most convenient “travel size” Cool Towel® in a re-sealable package for all day use. Just grab and go!

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The towel that cleans - Naturally!

  • Decontaminates

    Harmful germs? No problem. 

  • Cleanse

    Wipe away mess, in one clean sweep. 

  • Invigorates

    Relief with all natural ingredients.

  • Travels

    Stores easily, stay clean on-the-go!

  • First Responders

    Cool Towel aims to be the #1 all natural cooling towel for our first responders, our military and disaster response teams across the globe.

  • Kids and Families

    Don't let the heat beat you. Keep cool on the go while you're at amusement parks or watching a concert. Our clinically tested solution is comprised of natural ingredients that have been tested and proven to be safe for the whole family!

  • Sports and Activities

    Group runs, team sports, or anything active, refresh with Cool Towels! Our towels are 20-30°F (-7°-1°C) cooler than your body temperature. Just give them a shake and keep on running!


I discovered Cool Towels a few years back and they are an absolute must have while working in the heat doing construction! Refreshing and great smelling, they're perfect to cool off with during the day!

We used these towels to help our firefighters suffering from heat exhaustion after a large woods fire. All the firemen loved them and everyone used them on scene. Worth every penny!

What a great product. Obviously our men are on hot, hot roofs all day long. This is one of the only cool towels I have found that actually does what it says it is going to do. We have tried many over the years. I seriously recommend you try it out NOW. I like that it is reusable. Which makes it even more bang for the buck. Our guys love them. 

I coach girls softball and in Florida hot summers days its a great way to prevent the girls from passing out or having heat stroke. Trust me they work "I don't know how they work but they do!"

This is a great first-aid item, I keep in the car and boat… never know when a soft, pre-moistened, hygienically sealed towel will be needed… and I’ll be glad I have it.

We just tried the medium towel after being outside for 45 minutes staining wood for our garden. Amaz-frickin-ing!! What a product!! I'm sitting for a few minutes & it's around my neck. Feels great!